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Strongbuilt Homes Ltd is a reputable company who build superior homes that are renowned for their innovative design and solid structure. Strongbuilt Homes Ltd has accumulated an extensive portfolio of properties that now reliably house single occupants as well as multiple families.

Our Ability

Our ability to devise custom builds that meet our clients' requirements is excellent. This is because our significant experience of building homes has provided an insight into the needs of a diverse range of homeowners. Sometimes, home buyers might overlook a crucial detail that will turn out to be highly important long term. Strongbuilt Homes Ltd can be relied upon to foresee issues and deal with them effectively and efficiently for sustained satisfaction.


Synonymous with cutting-edge designs that will last a lifetime.

We create homes that are stylish yet functional. We research your surrounding area and other properties that are in close proximity. We then design a building that sits comfortably within its prospective location. We design homes with each unique occupant in mind. We want to build spaces that can be utilised and enjoyed to the full. Whether you require spacious open-plan rooms or lots of small, homely spaces, Strongbuilt Homes Ltd can design a home that suits yourself and your family. Our new builds can accommodate families as they adapt and change. We provide housing which guarantees flexibility and is suitable for the lifestyle choices of a lone occupant. We can also facilitate people with various disabilities when planning a home to ensure that it is highly accessible and safe. We aspire to build homes that provide a welcoming atmosphere and foster positivity. We want to create a space that encourages many happy memories for you and your family.

We only use the very best materials when creating our homes.

We know that a building is only as great as the materials from which it is created. We use high-quality building materials and fixtures supplied by reputable companies. You can rest assured that when you invest in our custom builds, you will gain a property that will last a lifetime. Strongbuilt Homes Ltd is so confident about the integrity of our materials that our name embodies this attribute. Solid materials help to create uncompromising structures for which Strong Built Homes.Inc. Has established a reputation. We provide homes that are an excellent investment for a single person or family of any size.

An ethical company who strives to offer the best value possible.

We pride ourselves on being an ethical company who give our customers a fair deal. We understand the time and effort it takes to be able to afford a custom built home. Therefore, we try to secure the best price for building materials without compromising on quality. We have an ethos of honesty and transparency within our own company and when providing a service to our clients. Therefore, if there is an issue or delay, you will always be informed. This enables you to rest assured that we can be trusted. We are also creative problem-solvers who show initiative and are able to go the extra mile to cater for your needs. We are appreciative of your custom and therefore work our hardest so that your trust in Strongbuilt Homes Ltd is validated. Customers choose Strongbuilt Homes Ltd over rival companies because we comprehensively plan our builds to ensure that your requirements are met. We are highly approachable and can be consulted regarding the slightest qualm because we value your peace of mind. Customers know that they can depend on us for attractive, high-quality new builds with exceptional attention-to-detail.


Now actively selling in Beaumont's newest subdivision, Azur Beaumont.