Warranty Program


At Strongbuilt homes, our objective is to provide a very best homes to each clients that is above and beyond what is expected from a home builder.

To ensure your investment & family are ALWAYS protected, we offer a fully comprehensive new home warranty for your peace of mind. By taking out our new home warranty our highly experienced customer service team will take care of your every need including

  • 1 year Materials & Labor
  • 2 years Mechanical Systems
  • 5 years Foundation Water Penetration
  • 10 year Major Structural Defects

As Strongbuilt homeowner, you will receive a fully inclusive 1 month follow up, and end of year reports as part of your materials and workmanship warranty. Any concerns or issues that may arise after 1 year will be directed through our Progressive New Home Warranty Program Program.

The Progressive Foundation is a non-profit organization designed to build futures for families in the Dominican Republic.

We help impoverished families have a real chance at a great life. We focus on building safe homes for families who otherwise would be forced to live in dangerous slums all around the country. By building these houses, we are changing their lives forever, and offering a future where there is hope.

To learn how you can get involved, please visit

Progressive Home Warranty is designed to specifically protect new home buyers. We represent excellence and can assure you that our builders have met high standards of accountability in the areas of finance, construction and customer satisfaction.

Customer Information & Downloads

  • Our Warranty Department :

    To contact our warranty department please use the following contact details; Email:service@strongbuilthomes.ca (please provide us a details of warranty question- Also, please mention your name and address and day time phone number)

  • Reporting Procedures :

    All service call requests MUST be put in writing and directed to the Warranty Department by at service@strongbuilthomes.ca

  • Year-End Report :

    When your materials and workmanship warranty is in near the end of the eleventh (11) month, please submit your year-end report. This report should include your contact details such as your email and telephone address. For your peace of mind, our highly professional customer service team are always happy to discuss ANY questions regarding maintenance you may. Year-end lists must be received within two (2) weeks of the anniversary date of your possession, or your file will be closed and no further action will be taken. Download Year-End Service Inspection Request Form

  • Our Emergency Service call Contact Details :

    Please ALWAYS refer to your warranty documents for the actual term and coverage details. All service calls/ emergency calls are handled by the warranty concern department. In case of an emergency please direct your request to an appropriate department below. service@strongbuilthomes.ca OR contact at 780 238 3637

  • Progressive New Home Warranty :

    Strongbuilt Homes, in partnership with progressive homes Warranty, provides an excellent warranty program and scheduled customer care visits (1 year and 2 years after possession). Once you get possession you will be receiving a package from progressive home Warranty outlining the specifics of your warranty., that will include 1-year Materials & Labor, 2 years Mechanical Systems, 5 years Foundation Water Penetration, 10 years Major Structural Defects. For more information, please contact The Progressive Home Warranty Office at 780-470-4663.


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